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Jacalyn Wetzel, LCSW

Jacalyn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker licensed to practice in California, North Carolina and Mississippi. Jacalyn is passionate about helping new parents and people experiencing difficult life transitions, such as a new move, break up or other stressors. Jacalyn has experience working with parents at different stages, adults living with ADHD and people experiencing anxiety and depression.

Jacalyn uses an eclectic therapy approach, pulling from aspects of CBT and DBT that work for her clients, but leaning more heavily on solution focused, mindfulness and family systems theory.  

NC License: C013080

CA License: LCSW 101064

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Mandy Sherrill, LMSW

Mandy is a Mental Health Specialist for Rise Counseling Online. While she does not provide therapy, she provides supportive counseling with a compassionate listening ear, knowledgable interventions and coping skills. Mandy is passionate about helping others who are experiencing life transition, anxiety and low seasons in life. Mandy is perfect for people who just need a non-biased ear to listen or those that need short term solution focused interventions.

Since Mandy is a Mental Health Specialist, she does not accept insurance, but her cash pay rate Is affordable for many budgets. 

About : About Me
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